Global Projects Finance Group supports international trade

Trade financing (also known as supply chain and export finance) is a huge driver of economic development and helps maintain the flow of credit in supply chains. It is predicted that 80-90% of global trade is reliant on trade and supply chain finance, and is estimated to be worth around USD $10 trillion a year.

In relation to export finance and the supply chain, many SMEs play a large role in the running of multinational corporations and larger companies. SMEs require access to finance to fulfill larger contracts, import goods from overseas and create wealth, jobs and develop economies.

We are 100% independent, which gives us the flexibility to work with many types of businesses. By maintaining health business relationship with several banks and financial institutions, we are able to offer tailor-made financial solutions to our clients; not an off the shelf product that inhibits growth or limits opportunities for business. Often the financing solution that is required can be complex, and our job is to our our clients find the most appropriate trade finance solutions for their businesses.

Trade financing includes:
- Lending facilities
- Issuing Letters of Credit (LCs)
- Export factoring (companies receive funds against invoices or accounts receivable)
- Forfaiting (purchasing the receivables or traded goods from an exporter)
- Export credits (to reduce risks to funders when providing trade or supply chain finance)
- Insurance (during delivery and shipping, also covers currency risk and exposure)