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International Trade

Trade financing (also known as supply chain and export finance) is a huge driver of economic development and helps maintain the flow of credit in supply chains. It is predicted that 80-90% of global trade is reliant on trade and supply chain finance, and is estimated to be worth around USD $10 trillion a year.
In relation to export finance and the supply chain, many SMEs play a large role in the running of multinational corporations and larger companies. SMEs require access to finance to fulfill larger contracts, import goods from overseas and create wealth, jobs and develop economies.

Letters of Credit

Importers and exporters normally require intermediaries such as banks or alternative financiers to guarantee payment and also the delivery of goods. Therefore trade finance structures are used to support these relationships.
Letters of Credit (or LC) are commonly used trade finance instruments to ensure that the payment of goods and services will be fulfilled between a buyer and a seller. The rules of a Letter of Credit are issued and defined by the International Chamber of Commerce through their Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP 600).

Export Finance

When companies export products or services, long payment terms can often create working capital challenges. The cost of producing, shipping and delivering the goods can be tricky for businesses to manage. Export finance helps businesses release working capital from cross-border or domestic trade transactions, that would otherwise be tied-up in invoices or purchase orders (for up to 180 days). Global Projects Finance Group provides Export finance as a specialist financial service that can help a company to grow and increase trade.

Invoice Financing

Invoice financing is a common form of business finance where funds are advanced against unpaid invoices prior to customer payment. Invoice finance houses include banks, alternative investment providers and private lenders, used by businesses who trade both domestically and globally. There are two types of invoice financing methods; discounting and factoring.

Treasury & Forex

Global Projects Finance Group are experts in providing foreign currency for business, with a wealth of useful information on currency products, international money transfer and expert traders to help our clients manage currency risk and trade abroad in all major currencies.

Risk & Insurance

Transactions across international borders are fraught with risk and complexity. Faced with this, many firms and investors can have fears engaging in such transactions, even when they know them to be profitable, valuable enterprises. Through its array of insurance and guarantee products, Global Projects Finance Group can secure international commercial contracts and mitigate risks to investment.